Our Story

Is a community outreach that started in 2012. Sam "D-ROAD" Stewart started this as a way to help kids and young adults come to know Christ, discover and realize their gifts, and keep them off "the streets" and out of trouble.

Sam is the C.E.O of  His Hop Television Network , His Hop Records LLC, CLUB HIS HOP, HIS HOP RADIO NETWORK  & HIS MINISTRIES INC, that has helped with the mentoring and development of the artists, some of which Sam met at the Rescue Mission during his 10 year  Ministry as a Bible teacher.
One gentleman in particular named James "Zone-3" Bonsell was homeless at one point in his life, and the Ministry of His Hop and in particular Sam's guidance changed his life. He is Married and they just had a cute little boy.

Zone-3 has been involved in events that occur every second Saturday of the month and is a part of the life changes that are happening in the Ministry with the people involved.

We have been featured on KCEP 88.1 quite often, have been annually invited to Henderson and N. Las Vegas Metro Safe Night Out. Basic High School has had us out a couple of times, and Sam has been invited to speak at The Upward Bound suit and tie event.
Our Ministry has been very much community oriented and has relentlessly shared the message and love of Jesus everywhere it has gone.

The Club event is a live music concert venue that occurs every second Saturday of the month, it starts at 7 pm with "Open Mic" and ends at 9:30 pm.
Family safe and friendly. We have contest giveaways, Open Mic. You can check us out at;
Club His Hop on FaceBook God Bless.