Carissa B

Hello Kingdom Builders,

My Name is Carissa B. I am a mother of 4 children and a wife of 18 years to Thomas B. I hold two degrees in Sociology and Criminal Justice. I am currently studying for a Master in Praise/Worship. I have been in Ministry for over 20 years and I am working in the office of an Evangelist. We have an active Family Ministry called TCB Ministries, we do a lot of outreach programs. I am a Branding/Management Resource Coach called Kingdom Relations Branding Music Group.  

Currently, I am Radio Programmer for 8 radio stations and an TV / Radio Network Owner of Throne Connections Bridging  Network.  I own 5 award nominated and winning  radio stations. One of our radio station is a Women radio station called “Behind the Brokenness “. This is also the title for the women conference we have annual as well.  I am an co Author of a bestseller book called 31 ways of Influence.

 Something that I am passionate about is Worshipping. I am a part of an Mult- Award Winning group called, Not Easily Broken-NEBS. 

  Currently, I am writing a book called “Chronicles of a True Worshiper”. I am forever grateful for every moment that I get to service our Lord and I’m so humble to be on this amazing journey with Kingdom Builders. 


Thomas B


Thomas B. (Thomas Junior Brown) is an Independent/Mainstream Christian Hip Hop and Urban Gospel Radio Personality from Lake City, South Carolina. He is the Owner and Radio Personality for the Music Zone and 5 other Radio Stations. Thomas B. was born in Manning, S.C. on April 11, 1975 by two loving Parents and a twin sister and also has an older sister. His love for music started at an early age of 6 to become a DJ. He made sure friends and family knew his passion to become a DJ.Thomas B. has been DJing for 3 years now combined with Radio. He did grew up pretty regularly in the church. But without being saved at the time of his childhood. He came into the U.S. Military in 1995. Then later in 1998 after attending a church service in Kaiserslautern, Germany. He ended up receiving salvation from God during a church service after a struggle of dealing with acceptance and low selfesteem. He traveled quite a bit in the states in the military and deployed three times back to back for three years. Prior to the deployments that started in 2003. He married his beautiful wife Carissa. . Then in 2007 got ordained as a Minister . Thomas B. always desired to become a family man. In which he leads his family with much prayer and instilling the word of God. A move of God took place in 2016 where he was able to start doing his show The Music Zone his wife Carissa great woman of God that encouraged him to chase after his passion and in return she promised to help him. In which she did even currently right now. He praises God for her. God couldn’t have blessed him with so much favor placing her into his lonely but cloudy life. After ten months on doing the show The Music Zone. Thomas B. in 2018 won the 5 th Annual Showtime Entertainment Award for Best DJ Of The Year then was a nominee for the 2018 Gospel Xplosion Award for Best DJ. Currently right now he is up for several nominations. The rest is history an offer was presented to him five times concerning getting Radio Stations. And guess what he did comply with them all.

Thomas B. has an objective. It is to not only to please the Father God. But to bless God’s people with opportunities through Radio that they can’t even imagine whether in the states, overseas, and in the community. Giving them hope. To boldly represent the kingdom of God well freely. And Lastly Thomas B. is always seeking God to better this thing we call Radio. Due to his past childhood love for Hip Hop and R&B in the secular world. He has taken the Music Zone to honor God and made it a 2 hour show of CHH Music and Christian Rhythm and Praise. Thomas B. will always be an advocate for CHH and Christian R&B Artists along with their music. So come and let’s set the atmosphere together