Samuel Medas

Bio If at the edge of 2018, you find yourself having a conversation about Caribbean Gospel Music, you can be guaranteed of two things: the name Samuel Medas will come up, and you will agree that he deserves every mention he gets.

In an industry like this, that has shifted over the past five years from being almost entirely dominated by Jamaicans, to now making way for Trinis, and Bajans, and Antiguans, it is still something of a miracle that a Guyanese would find himself right in the middle of those emerging faces of Caribbean Gospel Music.

So, for a minute let’s forget that this 30 year old, officially popped up on everyone’s radar in May of 2017 when he released a massive Reggae single called “Royalty” that rocked airwaves even past the Caribbean, and is touching almost one million views on YouTube, and then in December of that same year dropped a massive Album with the same name. A search of the same Samuel Medas on YouTube will quickly let you know that this singer/writer/producer/musician has been consistently putting out great music for over 10 years.

Born and raised in the country side of Guyana, his musical journey began before age five, when he learned to play the piano with no human help whatsoever. Over the following years he learned that he was not only gifted with playing, but also with singing and being a child of pastors, he found himself performing in church and surrounding church events. Music was the one thing that gave him joy and comfort, coming from a family that wasn’t well off, coupled with being extra small in stature for his age. Looking back now, Samuel is grateful for those days and thinks that they played a great role in influencing how he writes and expresses himself and his faith in Jesus, through music.

His persistence in pursuing music, caused him to walk away from two secular jobs and even his studies at the University of Guyana. And even though many of his peers thought it was a senseless move, he knew what he wanted… and then in 2012, after releasing his debut solo album, “Heart to Heart”, things took a steep turn for the better. Now, three albums later, Samuel Medas has travelled to almost every Caribbean nation multiple times over, North America and British territories, and has one GIMA award for Gospel Artiste of the year (2016), One Marlin Award for New Artiste of the year (2017) and a nomination from Celian International Gospel Music Awards of Trinidad and Tobago, for Regional Artist of the year (2018) slated for Febuary of 2018.

He has recorded hit songs, and shared stages with every major Caribean Gospel Icon like Positive, DJ Nicholas, Sherwin Gardner, Jermaine Edwards, Lt. Stitchie, John Yarde, Neesha Woodz Blessed Messenger and Jaron Nurse. With a combined following of 29,000 on Facebook and a whopping 82,000 on Youtube, and also being the host and Founder of The Vibes and Life Show, Guyana’s first Facebook LIVE talk show complete with lights, cameras and a permanent set, he is one of the most sought-after Gospel Artists in the Caribbean.

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