Austin Joyce

Artist Bio: My name is Austin Joyce. In music, you are given the ability to tell a story and share bits and pieces of who you are. That is what I am most dedicated to doing through the platform God has graciously given me. Raw and Real Truth through a musical outlet.

Explore My Heart.

If you don’t know, my dad passed away a few weeks ago. Prior to this happening, I felt that my passion for music needed to bleed into something more than just being a listener.

This past semester, I started working and creating amongst the busyness and the quarantine. I had fully prepared to release a song in April, but I felt Christ convicting me to write a song for my Father. During a late night car ride a day after his death, I began to jot down the thoughts and feelings that were coming to me.

It’s crazy how back and forth people can be, but this I felt confident about and I’m very excited to share it with all of you. It’s fitting that I released my first single, before my first birthday without my Father. He always wanted to me to pursue my passions and to be happy amidst doing it. It’s been exciting to learn about this process and I can’t wait to continue improving. Through it all, I know I am in Good Hands.

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