I would like to introduce to you. The 1st EVER 


TOP 10 BDS PLAYLIST. Where all 10 of the BDS Reporting Charting Stations in the network will spin these songs at least 3xs a day. You can do the math per day and per week. Congrats to 

Brea Miles 

, B.B.Jay aka 

Jarvis Cooper 

Kevina Love 

, Rufus Troutman, 

Ike Avow Wilson 

The Humble Sons 

Michael Johnson Johnson 

, Harrell Williams and P. C Patton. We Changing The Game & Industry At The Same Time. "Let`s Get It" Who Supporting Indie Artist Like Us? 

Sam His-Hop Stewart 

Randall Cain 

Robert Barnes 

Christina Cisrow 

Marcel McManus 

Jarvis Cooper 

Bradford Howard Jr. 

Ike Avow Wilson 

#Teamhishopnation #Letsgetit@ 

Forrest Walker 

Le'Andria Johnson

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  • La'tesha Nicole
    La'tesha Nicole San Diego Ca
    Now Thats Is A Blessing!!!

    Now Thats Is A Blessing!!!

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