Charlotte, NC - It has been one year since the release of Mitch Darrell’s last album, ‘Dreadhead Lando’. Since then, Mitch has been building his resume as an artist including collaborations with CHH heavy-hitters such as KJ-52, participating in numerous rap challenges with several victories to his name and being selected as part of the Trackstarz’ “Next Up 2020” list that highlights artists that are ready to take that next step during the upcoming year. 

After a busy 2019, Mitch is ready to drop another project - the EP, ‘Self-Reflection’. 

Darrell is showcasing that there is more to his music than fast raps and Star Wars references as he delivers a set of songs that are his most transparent to date. 

“Self-Reflection’ is a short but introspective EP” states Darrell. “It dives into my mind, heart, and soul as both an artist and a Christian.” 

Featuring production that draws in the listener as well as collaborations that compliment delivery choices of Darrell, ‘Self-Reflection’ is sure to garner plenty of attention within the Christian Hip Hop community. It heavily displays a side of Darrell that there have only been snippets of to this point. 

‘Self-Reflection’ hits digital platforms beginning on March 6, 2020. 


Project Details 

Title: Self-Reflection 

Artist: Mitch Darrell 

Release Date: March 6, 2020 

Production: PoetiCS, Young $wisher 

Features: Jasxn, gitemjay, Jadoni 

Engineering: Connor Ahlstrom 


About Mitch Darrell 

Mitch Darrell is an up and coming Christian Hip-Hop artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. (Based in Raleigh, NC) He raps with a myriad of flows and conscious lyricism with the goal of informing his listeners and broadening their perspectives. Darrell has built himself up from a beginner to a member of the new generation of CHH artists.

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