I feel like saying I told you so!  Brea miles does it again. I am amazed to see the drive of this young lady for the Lord Jesus Christ. I really enjoyed having her on my Podcast, in particular, I love her integrity and resolve to stay true to the call. 

She shared her story about a major record label offering millions of dollars for a record deal but the only Catch is that they would own her.  She would have to stop making songs about Jesus. It is easy for us to say what we would do if we had that opportunity.

My question is if someone places a check in front of you for millions of dollars how strong would you be. It's inspiring and amazing to see my sister walk away from that offer so she can stay true to her faith, her God, her family, her followers.  Let's support her, buy her book and let everyone know about the amazing woman of God she is. 

Here is a snippet of our interview  but you can watch the whole thing on the His Hop Television network'





Brea Miles  

"I know it is a God thing, it's a complete absolute God thing. I actually didn't want to write a book this was weird to me.  I was very nervous & very cautious. Maybe I was a little bit overly critical of myself,  you know as a creative yourself AKA perfection we are really really hard on our self."

 "The way that some of it was coming out it was sounding like my poetry. I was nervous about that but through the grace of God and the support and push of my mother the book "Get your faith up" is here. I'm just floored already with what God is doing with this book."


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