Oklahoma City, OK - 2019 ‘Unveiled’ the debut of young Christian Hip Hop artist Coop to a much wider audience. Now in 2020, the 18-year-old emcee is prepared to not only see his listener base increase but to display his own growth in the process. 

The sophomore project ‘Welcome to Exile’ finds Copy Trill with a better understanding of the sound and message he set out to craft, along with how to put it all together. As the lead single, “Intro to Exile”, gave listeners a matured sonic sound and delivery, fully showcasing why Coop is one of CHH’s brightest young artists. (The video for “Intro to Exile” is available on Coop’s YouTube channel as well as featured on the YouTube channel of FiveTwenty Collective) 

Coop explains ‘Welcome to Exile’ as, “a story of brokenness, hope, love, and redemption. Earth is not our home, this is the wilderness. The promised land is coming...welcome to exile.” 

Helping craft the soundscape are producers Signature Nation, Kourageous Music, and 100graham who served as the album’s executive producer and is quickly forming an impressive duo with the rapper. The project also includes guest features from artists Hdot405 and Rockstar JT. 

‘Welcome to Exile’ is being released across digital outlets on June 12, 2020. 

To connect with Coop and support ‘Welcome to Exile’: 

Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Spotify 

Album Details: 

Title: Welcome to Exile 

Artist: Coop 

Release Date: June 12, 2020 

Producers: 100graham, Signature Nation, Kourageous Music 

Executive Producer: 100graham 

Engineering: 2peece, Kourageous Music 

Features: Rockstar JT, Hdot405 


About Coop 

Coop is an 18-year-old independent CHH artist. An Oklahoma City native, his talents include rapping, producing, and songwriting. He has released a string of singles, as well as two full projects independently.

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