II Samuel Is on His Hop Nation

I am Samuel Stinson and I go by II sonSamuel (2nd Samuel). I’m a 33 year old gospel rap artist from Montgomery, Alabama who’s on fire for Christ and passionate about spreading his word and my story.

My desire is to reach out to the christian communtiy by spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, and letting people know that it’s cool to live a spirit led life. I’ve been a rap artist since 1998 with a group called Paypa Chasers. I gave my life to Christ in 2007 and he completely turned my life around. I switched up my lyrics and started raping about Christ drawing the younger souls closer to him in each performance.

I will be releasing my new album, Brought Out 2B Sent Back, in March of 2015 and I would love to connect with the HisHopNation Movement.

You can reach me on, FaceBook




Instagram @IamIISamuel.

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