Nov 11 18 

Here is a brief overview of my incredible time this past weekend in Vegas. So grateful to have been able to be interviewed on His Hop Radio and to have performed songs off my new album…

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May is MIGHTY at Club HIS-HOP featuring the ONE BIG Party Tour and The KING Tour COMING 5/26/17 

Hey HIS-HOP Nation, it's you girl Super J ~ Jill Lundy here with an announcement about the latest events to hit Club HIS-HOP, Las Vegas in the month of May. First let me reflect on the 2nd Saturday's Concert held May 13th, where Club HIS-HOP hosted the "ONE BIG PARTY" Tour, featuring Dj Mr. E and Sean Olivera of Miami.

I've got to tell you, for those of you who missed this event, you REALLY MISSED OUT on a great time. The high energy style and sounds of Dj Mr. E, along with the enthusiasm, comedic…

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The TRUTH MUSIC TOUR ReCap and Review 

On April 15, 2017, Club HIS-HOP Las Vegas hosted "The TRUTH Music Tour". This tour, consisting of 5 artist who participate with Bizzle and God Over Money include Bizzle, Thisl, Seven, Datin, and Eshon Burgandy.

This was not just an ordinary concert. At 5pm, the artist facilitated a questions and answers session, where attendees could ask specific questions to the artist and get direct answers, from the perspective of the individual artist. One thing that stood out was the passion that these artists have…

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