The TRUTH MUSIC TOUR ReCap and Review

On April 15, 2017, Club HIS-HOP Las Vegas hosted "The TRUTH Music Tour". This tour, consisting of 5 artist who participate with Bizzle and God Over Money include Bizzle, Thisl, Seven, Datin, and Eshon Burgandy.

This was not just an ordinary concert. At 5pm, the artist facilitated a questions and answers session, where attendees could ask specific questions to the artist and get direct answers, from the perspective of the individual artist. One thing that stood out was the passion that these artists have for sharing the good news of the Gospel, and leading souls to Christ.

These "artists" should be more appropriately be called Ministers and Missionaries, who use Christian Hip Hop as a tool or a means to an end. During the concert, I witnessed each artist spend an extensive amount of time ministering to the crowd by sharing their personal testimonies, and some of the experiences that they have had with God. They spoke of going into neighborhoods to share the love of God with people who otherwise might not get that opportunity because others often refuse to go in these areas.

Overall, I say that the TRUTH Music Tour receives 2 Thumbs-Up. The artist were skilled, their music and presentation was awesome, but the thing that mostly distinguished the concert and topped everything, was the focus on spending time with God. There was an actual time of worship where an alter call was extended. People gave their lives to Christ, and others re-dedicated themselves as worship and prayer went forth. You can't ask for much more than that. For winning souls to Christ is the objective.

The way I see it, because of the fact that this ministry successfully lead souls to Christ, I believe they got a personal endorsement from God Himself on that night.

"Well Done, Good and Faithful Servants" 

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