Talent Show


Club His Hop Talents Unlimited Application for Talent Search 2017 *Open to all Ages & Talents*
Name: Email: Age:: Sex:: Phone:: *Specific talent being entered for competition:: *Have you done a talent show before: YES NO: Do you consider yourself a professional at this talent: YES NO: *Are you willing & able to participate in this competition for its 6 months duration: YES NO: *Competition will run once a month for 6 months starting September 23, 2017: **Judging will be done by audience participation on HisHopNation.com by using online ballot system and by a panel of celebrity judges.**: The Club His Hop Talent Search or any other entity involved in this event through sponsorship or any other way shall not be held liable or responsible in any way for any accidents or damages or any mishaps of any kind, as a result of your participation in this event. If you are under 18 years old, parents or guardian must sign application. By signing below you are accepting that you have read and understand all the terms & conditions of this application.: What talent will you be performing at the events?:
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