Puch Notifications - RADIO APP ADD-ON

1st plan

$20.00 per month / $276.00 per year

250 pushes per month

2nd plan

$30.00 per month / $360 per year 

500 pushes per month 

Add Now Push Notifications in your Application and Keep your App Users Informed!

The Push Console allows any user, technical or not, to send notifications directly from his/her account. Creating new push notifications is as easy as sending an email from your favorite email client or sending a text message to a friend.

We have also implemented a character count so your messages don’t get cut off! Push

Notifications per month: This is the number of messages you are allowed to send per month. Every message will be sent to the users of your app. If for example, you have 10.000 users of your application, you can send 25 messages in the time period of one month.

For 1 Application: Push notification service refers to 1 Application even it is only for iOS, Android or Bundle (both iOS & Android).

Important: Push Notifications service is only available with our Applications. It is not a STAND ALONE SERVICE.

Push notifications can be managed through your account.

Push notifications