How to enrich your audience experience with your Radio app? Even though mobile application development has been dramatically rising over the last years, internet radio applications still seem to be too simplified. And when I say simplified I don’t mean user-friendly, but the poor menu and limited functionality.

For this reason, a vast majority of internet radio stations suffer from lack of audience which means less downloads, popularity, and finally less money. But let’s take it from the beginning: What do I mean poor menu? Poor menu is a menu providing just the basic functions: a play button and a few social media connections for instance. Vital communication functions are completely ignored and users get easily bored because of the lack of engaging features.

So I would say this is not the kind of radio for an audience living in the digital age. iMac 606765 1280The average user is very familiar using mobile apps so they expect more from the radio they listen to - they want to be part of the radio: vote for their favorite song, chat with other people, send voice messages, share the song they are listening to. In other words, they want to be involved and engaged to the radio. And this level of involvement is what makes a radio app successful.

His Hop Nation project captured this gap and designed the Golden Addon next to its four radio app solutions. Golden Addon integrates eleven addons into one providing a full-entertaining experience for the user. Fully functional as it offers a range of services: from Charts to Alarm and Weather forecast. Users are totally involved and enjoy their radio experience. The broadcaster can easily adjust them to his/her needs from one single control panel and make the desired amendments.