Troy McMurray born February 2, 1973, and raised in the Denver, Colorado area a seasoned XGAMES PROFESSIONAL BMX freestyle athlete in the Park and Dirt Jumping disciplines now at the age of 43 has some amazing stories to share with the world here through His Hop Nation and BMX Ministry Official Worldwide for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Troy gained global fame around 1997 doing what he loves most in the profession of BMX freestyle riding with the legendary brands S&M Bikes, TSG Helmets, XS Components and with PUMA footwear securing endorsement deals including a signature shoe line. Troy gained worldwide fame through the sport of BMX and lived the rock star lifestyle like a champion and he helped others do the same along the way. 

Troy is incredibly popular throughout the world even today and he's well respected by his peers in and throughout the professional sport of BMX freestyle and throughout the BMX World. Troy's been featured in the XGAMES, GRAVITY GAMES, DAVE MIRRA BMX VIDEO GAME, he made his mark as the BMX freestyle legend who rocked the industry for years riding with all of the saddest riders in the world, i.e. Dave Mirra, Shaun Butler, Sean McKinney, Ryan Brennan (Barspinner) just to name a handful.

 Here's a quote from Troy McMurray, February 15, 2016 "Man, the scripture just came to life right in front of my eyes, if you tell a mountain to move here to there the mountain will move and I saw a mountain move. Five to fifteen years in prison so I'm being released in four hours, was the mountain I needed to see. I surrendered completely, I was you know in question, before that, but after that moment, I just surrendered. I surrendered all, I quite doing the drugs, I quit womanizing, quite drinking, I just refocused my life.

I got out of jail and my mother who I hadn't seen in years I mean we're talking twenty, twenty-five years came to the jail and helped me get out, it was a Saturday night and she said to me, "Do you want to go to church with me tomorrow" and I went to church, my aunts were there, my cousins were there and we're talking, a little Ghetto Church in downtown Denver, it holds about thirty people."


2016-02-16 08:38:52 - Robert Smart, Co_Host HISHOP RADIO LAS VEGAS & Fou
Last night was a blessing from God and an honor to have Troy McMurray with us on the HISHOP RADIO show. Thank you Troy! We're stoked to know that your faith and trust are in the Lord Jesus Christ and you're walking in the Spirit not in the flesh in the Kingdom of God. Welcome to the family of God. Praise the LORD. You're 8 Years deep in Christ and life to go! God bless you brotha! #MC #SMART #BMXMINISTRY #BMXM #HISHOPRADIO #CLUBHISHOP It's all about Jesus. It's not about us, it's about Jesus in us. #OneReason2LiveJesus
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