Leather Hubbard By Farrah Prudence

 The founder of the Silent Whispers Foundation, Letha Hubbard, joined our very own Sam for a HisHop Nation interview. You might say that Sam has “service of others” in his blood because the fabulous Ms. Letha is his Aunt.

 Silent Whispers is an amazing foundation set up to help women in domestic violence situations. The foundation’s mission is to provide housing assistance, meal vouchers, new and gently used clothing as well as transportation for victims of domestic violence.

 Aunt Letha is a domestic abuse survivor. She says she was embarrassed by her situation as she was in the Church, came from a healthy family and believed in marriage for life. “I felt like I was supposed to be there and take it.” 11 years and 9 months of marriage, 30 years later, aunt Letha founded Silent Whispers.

 Aunt Letha shared with us that every 9 seconds a woman is beaten in the USA. Around the world, at least, 1 in 3 women has been beaten. Most often the abuser is a family member. Up to 10 million children witness domestic violence. Aunt Letha calls it an “Epidemic.”

 “If it had not been for God and my family, I could have been one of the people into drugs or in sex trafficking. I started thinking that if I was here in Las Vegas, what could this organization do for me? For me it would not have shelter, it would have been to get me back home to my family.”

Silent Whispers offers victims, males and females, a way back home to loved ones as a means of escape. This is because abusers usually alienate the victims from their families.

 Aunt Letha also talked about her vision from God about an event where 100 women are dressed in white and praise dance. She encourages people to contact her if they are interested.

 “If you are a man that wants to take a vow that you are not going to put your hands on a female in anger, you can go to our website and get that form where you take an oath.” Call: 1-702-518-HEAL


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