We had an amazing night with James Mayes in the His Hop headquarters. He is the ( NEW TRACK OF THE WEEK ) featured artist the week of 2/20/17- 2/27/17 with the new track called good morning. Give it a 5-star rating on the His Hop Radio app , Or go to the His Hop Radio facebook page and give it a #HOT or #NOT. 




2017-02-22 20:55:02 - Likewhyz Blest
James Mayes waits for The Lord to inspire him, and then He writes, composes, creates. This creative process is of James' is something I took note of while conversing with him directly at a humble, but electric His-Hop concert just a few nights back before writing this. Imagine that, a man so willing to trust his Maker's will for his life he waits for that inspiration he knows is no doubt divinely inspired from beyond his own finite wisdom. I hear that patience demonstrated in the choice savvy of his lyricality. It's a refreshing standard to apply for punchline oriented wordplay particularly glorifying of The Gospel, of Jesus Christ. The featured artists are worthy visits my favorite the Brittany Soul cameo. Check out her single "Yesterday's Dead"! And the music production is not lacking with this album although I think the more sultry and full bodied spectrums begin the track list. The album title "W.O.W." is not undeserved in either of it's intended double entendres. The range of theme and emotions from song to song definitely support a real definition of a wordsmith who worships, The Living God in Christ Jesus. So do not disregard the certain worth of this creative dedication James Mayes has stamped with his heart and soul because it's one hundred percent original, and genuinely honest hip-hop craftsmanship on full display. Make sure to look him up even if you don't buy the album because this artist is a man of blessed and highly favored character!
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