Proverds 21:31 The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but deliverance is of the LORD.
Explain why it's not wise for us to put or hope in the horse.


2012-03-21 17:58:30 - Tracie Cruz
Once you experience that real intimacy with Christ you will not even be able to understand His will for our lives.. That true relationship means never having to ask God what His will is it will be living it.. He is so awesome
2012-03-21 17:50:29 - Evangelist-Dr Margaret Sanders-Phd
A horse can not deliver you or in other words man/woman can not deliver you. Only Father Son and HolyGhost can and will brin true deliverance. Alot of people put their trust in man because of strength, skill,intelligence and so forth. Ecclesiates 9:11 tells us race is not given to swift or strong but those who endure. God is one who supplies strength. Our gear for spiritual battle is not same training one would get naturally. Our training and gear ties in repentance, prayer, fasting, studying/applying word of God, praise/worship, faith, and love character traits of HolyGhost-9 fruit of spirit.
2012-03-21 17:49:46 - Evangelist-Dr Margaret Sanders-Phd
overall we our trust and hope should rely only in Lord for He is true deliverer not someone because of training and strength.
2012-03-21 17:48:23 - Tracie Cruz
We are to rely and trust in the Lord.. Our hope is to be in the Lord
2012-03-21 17:48:00 - Tracie Cruz
We are to rely and trust in the Lord.. Our hope is to be in the Lord
2012-03-21 17:47:00 - Tracie Cruz
Amen .. but why is it so hard the trust Him sometime?
2012-03-21 17:46:22 - Tracie Cruz
You have to get to a place where you totally give up self.. And live His will... not your will.. and then and only then will trusting in Him will become a way of life for you...
2012-03-21 17:45:40 - D-road
Yes powerful!
2012-03-21 17:44:57 - Tracie Cruz
it is quite so..
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