"2ND Annual Community HOPE FEST Job Fair 2015"




Hello DEAR FRIEND, WE would like to make as many citizens and employers aware of our upcoming "2nd Annual Community Hope Fest JOB FAIR" Event on May 30th, 2015 hosted by U.C.L.V. Jobs HELP Program. SOS RADIO, KEEN 17 TV and CHANNEL 3 NEWS/KTNV actually attended last years event May 31, 2014 and filmed the unemployed citizens, some veterans, the HELP agencies, and organizers of the EVENT at PATHWAY COMMUNITY CHURCH on 700 East St. Louis Blvd last year. This year the EVENT will be held at 950 East Sahara Avenue at CITY IMPACT CENTER and hosted by URBAN CENTER of LAS VEGAS (UCLV) JOBS HELP Program once again.



The event will host over a dozen HELP agencies to include SALVATION ARMY Family Services, Homeless Shelter Services, Jobs Help Services, Veteran Help Services, Legal Services, Mental Health Services, and many Employers. This group includes the SALVATION ARMY, HELP of Southern NEVADA, F.I.T. Foundation for an INDEPENDENT TOMORROW, ONE STOP CAREER CENTER, The LAS VEGAS RESCUE MISSION, Shade TREE, A&E CDL TRUCKING SCHOOL, MY FATHER'S HOUSE Organization, HERO-SCHOOL, SECURITY COMPANIES and many others.






During the event we will be typing free resumes for citizens, taking pictures of those needing suits and clothing for job interviews, preparing applications to attain birth certificates for those needing NEVADA I.D. Cards for work, scheduling citizens for training classes, accepting job applications, screening citizens for family services and mental health services, educating citizens on residential help and homeless shelters qualifications, and connecting citizens with potential hiring employers. THIS event is quite unique in that it is not just a JOB FAIR - its a HOPE EVENT to offer help to prepare MILITARY VETERANS and the UNEMPLOYED for jobs and HELP BETTER EQUIP the families in the community for the work force, social development, financial development, and spiritual development.



WE ARE ASPIRING TO PULL THE CITIZENS OF LAS VEGAS OFF OF UNEMPLOYMENT AND OFF OF WELFARE AND INTO THE WORKFORCE AND FINANCIAL STABILITY. This event will also bring the HELP AGENCIES, SEVERAL EMPLOYERS, THE CITY OFFICIALS to the cause of the MILITARY VETERANS, THE JOBLESS, THE HOMELESS, and the STRUGGLING FAMILIES in LAS VEGAS community. THIS IS THE MAYOR'S, MS. CAROLYN GOODMAN'S, FAITH INITIATIVE. So if there are any HIRING EMPLOYERS who wish to be a part of this EVENT please call 702-518-6827 or 702-718-0217. If there are veterans or citizens who want to come the event its SATURDAY, May 30th, 9am - 2pm, 950 East Sahara Avenue, CITY IMPACT CENTER, which is directly across the street from COMMERCIAL CENTER on East SAHARA. Yes, there will be Food, soft drinks, snacks, and Live music.

 And there will be a surprise guest at the EVENT. 

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