As you know CLUB HIS HOP  is a  free event.  So I'm always looking for ways to supplement the cost . 

I am now  selling coffee online ,  If you are a coffee drinker or if you know some send them my way.






  The His Hop Cafe is now open. ‪





















Organo GOLD- Its Easy,Its Simple,Its Coffee Its Organo GOLD



Thank you Sam for introducing me to Organo Gold. I love this coffee. It was so smooth. No bitterness what so ever and no jitters either. I had so much energy and where I usually have two or three cups of coffee in the morning, one was enough. I have ordered my supply for the month and telling everyone all about it.
I love this coffee. It is so smooth, no bitter taste, no jitters and one cup is enough for the entire morning. I had so much energy. I'm telling everyone about if and have ordered my supply for the next month. It is an added blessing that it helps support Club HisHop. Thank you Sam for introducing me to Organo Gold.
I love my coffee and i especially love this coffee. If was so smooth with no bitterness at all and where i would normally want two to the cups of coffee one was enough. I had energy all morning without the jitters. I have already ordered my month supply. It is an added bonus that it helps support Club HisHop. Thank you Sam for introducing me to this fabulous coffee, Organo Gold
Okay day three on the Amazing cafe' Latte. I am stumped by the amount of energy I have! weird thing is, my appetite? I recently had gained 10 pounds. This coffee totally curves my appetite. I can not explain it in the least? all I know is, I am loving this coffee big time! Thank you Sam. Geeze, I can not get enough of it. Keeping it real here. I am very happy about it! and It is so Healthy for you too.
My mother has been using the Gano coffee for years now and she swears by it. It is truly healthy coffee!
Good morning My Brother, Okay so here I am day two on this organic mushroom coffee. Wow! This is so cool. the benefits I had from it yesterday was a ton of energy. and it curbed my appetite which was awesome. I did not eat as much yesterday. Yea Ive gained 10 pounds. not happy. anyway, I love being the quinea pig for this coffee,LOL because then it can be told how wonderful it is. No jitters what so ever! way cool! I can not get over the unique flavor of it..... Sam I think you have made a great investment in this coffee. is it possible to give out cups of coffee at one of the HIsHop gatherings. so people can give you their review? I think it is worth a shot, It may sell the product more. You Rock!
The coffee is like no coffee I have ever tasted! it is wonderful very different. no side effects with the jitters. I will have to look up the beneficial effects from the Ganoderma Lucidum. Good Morning Brother Sam.
Hey !!! If you're a COFFEE or TEA DRINKER!!! My crew is sell ORGANIC and HEALTHY products... if your interested please contact me or inbox me!!! Or you can go to our website.. hishopcafe.myorganogold.com ..i hope you guys take the time to read and check it out...!!!
Okay remember a sister. LOL!!! I love you dearly beloved.
That's what I'm saying me next
Wow!!! Gimme some of that coffee, I mean millions. Lol!
Yes it is
Thank you this coffee is also healthy.
tank you so much
If you drink coffee or if you know people that do , I ask for your help to raise money for our ministry and start buying it from us thanks.
will be ordering coffee in a day or so.
Hit the link bro.
How much
This stuff is good for you buy a box it's for the kids.
Love coffee
One box is $27.00 or If you sign up for the monthly automatic order it's $25.00 a box.
How about I give you a free sample first. Then if you like it you can buy a box from me?
I don't know. Will you be at church on Sunday? Also what is the cost.
Awesome how do you like your coffee?
I do.
My shipment just came in who wants some healthy coffee? #HISHOPWEDONTSTOP
Ok cousin..
My co workers love my new coffee
No problem
Thanks, I'll spread the word
I ll do the footwork and spread the word! Thank you!!!!
If I don't purchase coffee, I will be happy to sow into your ministry. I will let you know exactly when before the week is out when and what I can sow. I appreciate you reaching out to me that means a lot. God bless your assignment and that he will send many more sowers to sow!
Oooooo might mean yes .I gotta check it out.
There are no dump questions my sis. Please follow the link to the website. Click the link on the Web page and that will take you to my inventory. You can order the coffee online. My shipment has not come in yet.
Awesome Sam. Probably a dumb question but do you sell like the keurig cups
@Pastor Henry Black Jr Yes it is.
Is it the Healthy Coffee?
Awesome please click the link and you can order it online. My shipment has not come in yet
I'll take 1 box. How much is the Plain Black?
What kind of coffee r u selling?
I'll put the word out. My self I stop drinking coffee a month ago. I'll do what I can to help brother Sam
Ok sounds good(:
Ok I will look into it.
I will let peple know.
A special note to my friends whether you live in Vegas or not: As you may or may not know, there's some major need here for the Club His Hop ministry. Please, help Sam raise funds for his amazing work in this very needed area of ministry and order some coffee! Don't drink coffee? Buy some and take it to work or give it away. I can account for his hard work, talent, and devotion to serving God. I'm ordering mine as soon as pay day rolls around! Thanks and God bless!
Click the link and you will see all the info my sis.
how much is your coffee and what kind
I just got an email for the club his hop cafe??? I thought it was cool. If you're planning on opening a restaurant I'll cook for it bro
You have my support. Donfloss
Dats how we suppose ta due, luv ta big bro
Thanks fam much love!
Fa dose of u who been out ta Las Vegas yall club hIs hop due not charge so support them this way so they can continue to bring dat gud news the lord has reach out ta ma family Sam Stewart at club His Hop
Praise God. I will be there in April. My daughter is treating me to a trip to Vegas for my bday. Will hit you up while I'm there.
Oh awesome
You can buy the coffee online also.
Brother I have to look you up if I am ever in Las Vegas.

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