I want to take some time and look back at what God has done. I will start by saying thank you Jesus For all you have done this past year. It is exciting to know for sure that you are doing God's will. Without Jesus I have nothing to offer any one. 

I want to take some time to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting our ministry. How refreshing it is to stand on stage and see a crowd of people young and old worshiping God together. I want to thank everyone for coming out, without you we could not of done this  for one year. 

I pray that God has touched some lives through our events. If one person gets saved it will have been all worth it. As we look at our world getting darker it's time for us to shine brighter. I believe that a city on a heel cannot be hidden, or who would light a candlestick and put it under the bed. God Is moving and I am rejoicing I will shout it out on the highest peak! 

I am thankful for the new friends that I have made this past year. We are not alone in this spiritual war, we have brothers and sisters who are pushing hard to advance the kingdom. I am happy to be on the winning side. 

This past year , one of the most powerful moments in the ministry is when pastor john and I picked up some kids from the local mission. You could see the excitement in their eyes as we talked about the evening activities. 

Finally I am thankful for the people who stuck with me from the beginning. When it was only a vision , a desire in my heart to impact the community.


Much love to the people who walked away from me and turned their backs on me. I do not hold any bitterness in my heart, I hope one day we will work together. I do not hold bitterness in my heart for the people who said I couldn't do this. If I am doing this for my own Glory,  fortune and fame it will  all be taken away from me. I only ask that people will step back and let the Holy spirit do His job. 

I covet your prayers, and I ask that you will pray that God will give us  another fruitful year. Thank you in advance. 


patricia simmons June 13, 2013 @05:25 am
The people that came into your life and then walked out, if they didn't know it, God sent them there to help you build up your courage and strength, Praise God for them.The ones who stuck it out with you were the ones whom God had already preordained them to be with you.You see God was in the backrounds working all things together for the good.Great blessings yet to come..Good job my friend...Sam..
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