Drummer, Artist, Writer, Producer Eric Gipson was born and raised in Oakland California. He started his music career at a young age beginning at 8 years old playing the drums.

Eric also played keyboards, guitar, and bass guitar. All of this he did by ear never receiving musical instruction it was evident God has blessed him with the gift of music. While still in elementary school Eric was the lead singer for a local group called Flame, performing with older brother Byron Gipson, Raphael Sadiq, Alonzo Jackson, and Lionel Randolph.

When Eric reached high school he formed the band “Davinity” and shared the stage with Radiance, Ready for he World, Orange Juice Jones, The LA Dream Team, and many more. Davinity also frequently played local clubs in the Bay Area. Clubs like The Lucky Lion, Ivey’s, Ramona’s, and The Hill.

In 1996 Eric received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and released a CD entitled “Testimony” telling of his journey leading to Christ. Since then Eric has released 4 cd’s and has been a part of many church programs, outreaches, and multiple compilations.

Eric also spent 15 years working for Tech Art and Sound and Lights as an Audio Engineer.With a heart for the city of Oakland’s youth and down and out population Eric hit the pavement equipped with his Cd’s seeking out different ways to deliver his testimony message, in hopes of reaching a generation that needed hope, faith, and an understanding that it is never to late to receive the gift of life through Jesus Christ.

Eric is now on a mission to spread The Truth and bring healing through his Message Muzik Movement.

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