Acceptance / life is filled with small rejections - a sarcastic smile, innuendos, awkward silences, club atmosphere - so that many walk through the day with their guard up. If we discipline ourselves to be accepting, others will see the sparkle of our eyes, the tilt of our head, the ethos of our voice - and will know that acceptance is there. An open, accepting soul is like a well-lit home on a cold dark night.


Axil Woodard May 08, 2012 @09:02 pm
Amen and well said! Sam His-Hop, when the light of the Lord shines on us, people can't help but to see it! Glory be to God thru Christ Jesus, Lord how so much that we truely need you! You are high priest now, and well deserved! My prayers goes up to you Lord Jesus High Priest! To thank you! Bless this message and the person whom said it......... Amen!
OliviYah Testimony Deberry May 08, 2012 @07:39 pm
‎!!WOW!!! SAM! MANN!!! WHEEWW!!!
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